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Reiki Heal Me

Reiki humble me cleanse, nourish and show me what to learn peeling away layers purging toxins inviting peace leading to healing self empowerment renewal higher vibration attracting what is good supplying what is needed love poetry by Ann artwork courtesy of: Repinned from ∆ Make årt not war by Nicki Grace  

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Yoga Intensive Weekend #1!

  Picture found on Pinterest  originating from the site In a recent blog post I expressed my desire to Inspire and be inspired.  This past week I have been inspired to inspire as it was my first week as a student of Mimi from the first cohort of teacher trainees at State of Grace …

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Owl Medicine

Owl…      Magic,           Omens,                 Time and Space.      Does the truth emerge?           Casting out deception,                Silent flight,         Sacred Medicine Bird.  by Sams & Carson from Medicine Cards It All Started When as a 7 year old (the age my eldest son approaches) when my fascination with owls began.  The birth of this …

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A Time to Slow Down

I am always in a rush.  This week while taking one of my sons to school prior to work I saw a site I just had to slow down for.  This picture of the moon represents a moment in time that I chose to slow down and share with my little 4 year old. Kiva …

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The particular moon we are experiencing right now is effecting many of us.  After having shared my concerns about the volatility of emotions and reactions to this moon many folks agreed yet others laughed as though I am crazy.  I stand true to the belief that people vibrating at a certain energy level same as …

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The Full Moon

Did a search for “the moon” on Pinterest and found this great Photo with saying by LoneCrowPhoto.  If you click on the photo there are other fantastic photos featured on the artist’s Etsy site.  I find this to be very inspiring and wanted to share…

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Experiencing “The Veil” in New England, 60 degrees on 1/7/12!

It is not often in New England that one can go to the beach without chattering teeth and freezing extremeties!  Yesterday I took my boys down the street to the Touisset Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Warren.  This is a beautiful piece of preservation land protected by the Audobon Society.  There is a footbridge that crosses the …

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