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Prayerful Presence Replaces Worry

The cause of most stress and worry lies in thoughts of the past or fretting about the future. The past is gone, not forgotten but tucked away, when our minds choose to tear out thoughts of the past our bodies relive the sensations that were already felt in the past. In this practice of recycling emotions …

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Emotional Intelligence Discussions

I am having a great time in a discussion group entitled “The Emotional Intelligence Group” through “LinkedIn” Here are two discussions that I’ve started and rich comment that followed thereafter, if you have commentary please comment after reading these topics on keeping yourself humble and embracing experiences encountered in your life as learning lessons! Thank …

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Reflections on My Personal Revolution

This upcoming year I will turn 40, as a reward for this accomplishment I decided to participate in a breakthrough program which promised to radically change my body and awaken the sacred within my soul.  As a matter of fact I believe that my revolution began before my participation in the formal 40 day revolution …

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One of Life’s Greatest Gifts | by Gina Garcia | Baptiste Power Yoga Institute

One of Life’s Greatest Gifts | by Gina Garcia | Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.

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Sankalpa “Clear and Affirmative”

Sankalpa is a clearly articulated affirmative statement about what you intend to do.  A Sankalpa is stated in the present tense and meant to bring goals into the present tense.  The best part of the Sankalpa is that it assumes that the outcome has already occurred.  I am having the best time with this practice and experienced the fruition …

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