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Reiki Heal Me

Reiki humble me cleanse, nourish and show me what to learn peeling away layers purging toxins inviting peace leading to healing self empowerment renewal higher vibration attracting what is good supplying what is needed love poetry by Ann artwork courtesy of: Repinned from ∆ Make årt not war by Nicki Grace  

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Clearing the Heart…

After writing this poem that is in reference to releasing the ego, I found this wonderful depiction of ego defined which puts things in perspective when sending the ego packing.  This chart can be found on the following pinterest site:    Now here is my poem: Clearing the Heart The ego washes downstream false notions …

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Everyday Inspiration

It is wonderful to approach the end of a yoga class with the recitation of an inspirational passage.  This book has many meaningful narratives that resonate with those of us who open up completely during a powerful  practice and lie still waiting to be filled with words of wisdom.  After enjoying this book read to me …

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Yoga Is…

Blanket of calm Unveil Mystery to Seek New Ideas Letting off steam In Social Harmony Circulating Energy Freely With Spheres of Light Coming Forth Sustaining Focus Breath Mind Peace Creating Freedom Transporting Human to Spirit Journey from heart to Mind              

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    The epilogue of The Fifth Agreement written by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz says it best in terms of change:  The Five Agreements are tools to change your world.  If you are impeccable with your word, if you always do your best, and if you are skeptical while listening, there won’t …

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In 2012 I’d Like to Inspire and Be Inspired!!


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Sankalpa “Clear and Affirmative”

Sankalpa is a clearly articulated affirmative statement about what you intend to do.  A Sankalpa is stated in the present tense and meant to bring goals into the present tense.  The best part of the Sankalpa is that it assumes that the outcome has already occurred.  I am having the best time with this practice and experienced the fruition …

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Hospice Reiki

One of the single most rewarding experiences in my life has been performing reiki on hospice patients.  I started this work during the summer of 2011 and since then experienced the passing of two of my clients.  The passing was a journey in which I truly believe reiki prepared them for.  Both patients had no …

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Reiki and the Power of Intention

Change up the story and set an intention then see how positive thought patterns shape life experiences. Reiki has helped me become a positive person in that I now set daily intentions for self-improvement. The symbols of reiki, the lessons taught by our seven main chakras and how energy in our bodies creates ease or …

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