Yoga Intensive Weekend #1!

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In a recent blog post I expressed my desire to Inspire and be inspired.  This past week I have been inspired to inspire as it was my first week as a student of Mimi from the first cohort of teacher trainees at State of Grace Wellness Center in Uxbridge, MA.   I am fortunate to be one of eight students in this class where we will participate in many lessons and workshops preparing us to become 200 hour registered yoga alliance teachers.  If you asked me even one year ago if I would embark on such a journey I would not have thought enough of myself to believe that this was a possibility, however, through the recent confidence in my practice, courtesy of the 40 Day Personal Revolution at Synergy yoga studio in Barrington, RI, this is a journey that I simply know is right for me. 

Five years ago

my belief for the future at the prospect of turning 40 was to become a school administrator, therefore I journeyed into this field taking many administrative courses and stopped abruptly a year ago.  The reason for this shift began with the discovery of my need to be a healing force in this world.  This started through my reiki attunements and desire to bring healing to others, in no way did administration show me the same kind of promise of becoming a healer.  I have decided to follow a path that I have had a strong undercurrent to follow my entire adult life.  Looking upon yoga teachers as healers in and of themselves and teachers of a craft they so love has been a lifelong inspiration to me.  Now more than ever seems to be a time for me to bring healing to others.  If not now, then when?  Now, two days away from 40, I see my vision shift, I will be a yoga teacher and my personal legend has been renewed!



  1. Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday week! 🙂

    I think you will do wonderful as a healer. You are a very soothing person. I wish you the best with your new career and if I was close I would sign up as your first customer!!!

    The picture is amazing. Beautiful does not describe it. If I had a back yard like this, I would never go inside. Dinner would be in the microwave!

  2. Great blog! Thanks for liking my post! –Zee

  3. Wow amazing picture and an amazing read!! Happy early birthday also!! Let us know when you become a yoga teacher, something I do here and there is Yoga but I am not good and need some help. 🙂

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I have enjoyed your blog and believe you deserve this recognition! Blessings, Ann

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