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Loving This!

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The ABC Award

Thank you to Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko for granting me the Awesome Blog Content Award!  You can find her at Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko The ABC Award instructions are: Add the logo to your site. Pass the ABC award on to other bloggers. Use the alphabet to make a list of words describing you …

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Shedding What is Not Real

Inner Voice exposes its’ truth to others stays real honoring what we know wounded and distressed it may be restoring sensations of being alive dismantling the false self in a centering prayer shifting into gentle peace

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From Negative to Positive

  Lately I have the desire to learn more about the power of our thoughts and what happens within the physical body as a result of switching negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  There is scientific evidence that if we shift and truly believe in positive thoughts versus negative thoughts it is powerful enough to manifest …

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