Experiencing “The Veil” in New England, 60 degrees on 1/7/12!

It is not often in New England that one can go to the beach without chattering teeth and freezing extremeties!  Yesterday I took my boys down the street to the Touisset Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Warren.  This is a beautiful piece of preservation land protected by the Audobon Society.  There is a footbridge that crosses the salt marsh where tidal waters are seen while the trail follows the perimeter of the refuge through what some would call “veils”.  The place between the field and woods in this preserve is extraoridnary offering an utter feeling of peace to the soul.  Native American people wintered in Touisset and evidence of this is in the air at the refuge!  The woods then dumps out to spectacular views of the Narragansett Bay, without any rain for several days the beach exposed itself and we took full advantage of its beauty.  No matter how many times I visit this place of beauty I discover something new, this time it was a teepee made of branches!  My boys felt so fortunate to stumble upon this beautiful treasure.  Peace, harmony and solitude is all I ever feel in this oasis down the street!



  1. What a beautiful gift! An Oasis for the soul, mind, body and spirit. How your spirit must soar when you are in this place.

  2. Hi Ann: Just stopped by to visit your site. Thanks for this post about New England. I’ve always wanted to visit Providence, Rhode Island. Perhaps I’ll get to read more about your hometown through your posts. Keep on inspiring and being inspired!

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I have enjoyed your blog and believe you deserve this recognition! Blessings, Ann

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