Making Space for Life!

Pinned ImageIt’s time for me to embark on a new journey, one of clearing out the clutter, making space to live life by responding to my energetic being by using my physical being to remove “stuff”.  I’ve always loved “stuff,” things that I think will make me happy, but it is time in my life where I want to rejoice in knowing that I have enough.  I trust that simplifying my life will continue to open up areas in my life where I can trust that life is wonderful without the acquistion of “stuff”.  I truly believe that there are so many experiences ahead for me as a result of this new movement to change my lifestyle, by making room physically and emotionally.  This challenge will be work for me and if anyone has time to join the conversation and offer advice to support my new path I welcome it!

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  1. Hi Ann! Great step and I send you my encouragements. When my friends visit us they often think our flat is quite minimalistic (they say it looks as if we had just settled in) – I actually think there is still too much stuff around!! So next time my husband and I fill one of these “time to pass on” bag, I’ll think of this post here.
    Have a great day! Sahar

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