Who I Am

I am a Guidance Counselor for the city of Providenc Public Schools.  My passions are spending time with my young children and with my husband.  I enjoy practicing Reiki on those interested in receiving positive energy, volunteering actively for RI Home and Hospice Care practicing Reiki on patients in need of relaxation.  I also practice yoga passionately having met many like minded individuals at the beautiful studio where I completed the 40 day Revoultion that I write about in my blog.  I have recently begun a yoga teacher training in Uxbridge, Ma. and look forward to making more like minded connections and being inspired.  Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing with me!


  1. Ann,

    Thank you for reading my blog. As you can see it is still being developed, but I do a bit each day. It is my heart felt pleasure to say welcome to you. and to send my gratitude for your taking the time to visit.

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I have enjoyed your blog and believe you deserve this recognition! Blessings, Ann

  2. Thank you for stopping by our blog! Feel free to stop by any time. Namaste.

  3. Thank you so much Ann for subscribing to my site! I look forward to interacting with you. I also just read your post about practicing reiki at a hospice center — bless your heart for sharing your gift!!! Love & light……

  4. WOW! I am impressed by your perspectives and outlook. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find you. 🙂

  5. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the Like on a recent post on my blog. I just took a look through a few of your posts here; some interesting perspectives and a nice, relaxed writing style. Thanks again, and keep up the good posts here!

  6. Thank you for the Like on my post. It allowed me to find your blog and check out your posts…

  7. you’ve an interesting site, and sounds like as interesting a life 😉 best wishes 😉

  8. Thanks for liking my post on nigerianphilosopher.wordpress.com. Your blog looks nice.

  9. Thanks for the Like on my blog… Doing what you do as a married woman; thumbs up

  10. Thank you for nominating Source of Inspiration. hugs, pat

  11. Thanks so much for the Like on my blog! Your website is really interesting. I have done yoga on and off for 30 years and find it a wonderful way to get ready for painting.

  12. Thanks for the “Like” on my blog. I’m still so super new at this, and not ever expecting anyone to read my work. Made my day! Best of luck with your inspiring adventures.

  13. Ann … Thank you for visiting my blog “Reflections” and liking “Work in Progress.” … I practice yoga as much as I can and do find it very freeing. I plan to incorporate more of it into my daily ritual as life unfolds. … Be well … Dorothy 🙂

  14. Thanks for liking my blog. I have just started yoga and find it very helpful. I look forward to reading more of what you have to share.

  15. Hi Ann,

    Great Blog !

    : )

  16. Hey Ann, Thanks for dropping by the blog and taking the time to become involved. I appreciate you. Love some of your thoughts you have expressed. I am betting you are impacting young lives.Thanks again. Be Excellent and Expect the Best.

  17. Tickled to find a fellow Reiki-er! We need more of us, ya? xoxo

    • ann

      I agree! Thank you for reading my recent post!

  18. I really enjoyed looking through your blog…interesting info packed in here! Thank you, also, for checking mine out 🙂 Have a great day~

  19. Hello Ann! What a lovely surprise to meet your blog. Thanks for your like on my post on Intuition. I look forward to exchanging our ideas. I live far away from you but it’s a very small world for us humans.

  20. Awesome and intriguing. I like what u’ve turned your blog into, looking forward to reading more of your work.

  21. Congratulations on starting down the path to become a yoga teacher (or at least to deepen your practice). YTT is on my horizon as well. I too have found many like minded connections through yoga. The community is so rich.

  22. Hi Ann, Thank YOU so much for granting me the ABC Award on March 29th (sorry I’m late this thank you note). You gave me a great shot in the arm, as my site is relatively new….so thank you for the encouragement, enthusiasm and shout-out 🙂 I love your site as well and will pay this award forward to others who add something brilliant to the world. Many thanks!

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