Shedding What is Not Real

Inner Voice

exposes its’ truth to others

stays real

honoring what we know

wounded and distressed it may be

restoring sensations

of being alive

dismantling the false self

in a centering prayer

shifting into gentle peace


From Negative to Positive


Me And My Big MouthLately I have the desire to learn more about the power of our thoughts and what happens within the physical body as a result of switching negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  There is scientific evidence that if we shift and truly believe in positive thoughts versus negative thoughts it is powerful enough to manifest good health and well being over dis-ease.  It all makes such sense to me.  Part of this shift is controlling what we think because what we think becomes what we say and do.  The mouth needs to be taken seriously.  One of the Four Agreements is be sacred with your word.  Check out my post on the Fifth Agreement entitled, Change  if you’d like to know more about this subject.  Now I would like to share something from the latest guru I have decided to study: 

This article is taken from Joyce Meyer’s audio teaching, Me and My Big Mouth!.

Here is an excerpt that might tempt you to read more:

Believing is the first important step to switching our thinking from being negative to positive. Remember, what’s in our hearts and minds will come out of our mouths. If our soul (mind, will and emotions) is full of negative things, we’ll find those things coming our way. On the other hand, when we hear, read, think and talk about God, the Truth and more positive things, we’ll find that those good things will come our way. The choice is ours! 

Reiki Heal Me

Pinned Image


humble me

cleanse, nourish and show me

what to learn

peeling away layers

purging toxins

inviting peace

leading to healing

self empowerment


higher vibration


what is good supplying what is needed


poetry by Ann

artwork courtesy of:

Repinned from ∆ Make årt not war by Nicki Grace


Liebster Award

Thank you to for nominating my blog for the Liebster Blog Award!  Please visit Yachna’s inspirational blog, you will be pleased with her valuable insight.

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Clearing the Heart…

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After writing this poem that is in reference to releasing the ego, I found this wonderful depiction of ego defined which puts things in perspective when sending the ego packing.  This chart can be found on the following pinterest site:    Now here is my poem:

Clearing the Heart

The ego washes downstream

false notions release

opening space to connection




a clearing of the heart

loosens perceived inadequacies

taming the ego unearthing compassion

bearing witness to

the genuine self

then joy develops

happiness unravels

Women and Community

picture found on

I have discovered something truly nourishing to my soul, women are awesome!  When women decide to hold each other up and build communities of like minds the resulting bonds, connections help us practice positivity through kindness, gratitude, and a sense of safety.  Women that are willing to help build happiness which is infectious.  I have enjoyed the decision to drop much of my competitive attitude with women in daily endeavours.  This has helped me engage in more active listening and understanding the stories of other women.

My discovery of the beauty of circles of women began about eleven years ago when a group of women in my area that included acquaintances and my best friend from childhood decided to form a network called, “Fancy Date Night”.  We decided, all without boyfriends, that we would go out date night, all dressed up, and enjoy new restaurants sharing whatever was going on with us.  Now many of us have found partners, given birth, experienced traumas including death and divorce yet continue to commune with one another.

It is not possible for me to avoid women that will approach relationships with a sense of competition and a bit of ill will however it does help not to engage in this vibration.  What brings me through dealings with such women is my vibration and the knowing that I have communities of women outside of my main workplace that are incredibly supportive. 

The latest group that I know will be everlasting is a group of women that I have begun my yoga teacher training with.  Last week we participated in a candle gazing meditation holding hands and filling up with gratitude at the conclusion of practice.  I left class knowing that this network of learners would become a community of supportive yoga practitioners and teachers that I will raise up and support in return.  We are in this life together!  When realizing that it is together that we will celebrate, and not in solitude, community reigns!

Learning to be Gentle With Me…

A picture speaks a thousands words!

I haven’t written lately because like many of you out there, I have taken on a lot in the name of wanting to better myself.  Sometimes the lines are fuzzy for me as to when it is appropriate to agree to something and when I must decline for the sake of my health and well-being.  Before I started my journey as a yoga teacher trainer I practiced yoga five times a week at a studio.  Now I am trying to learn how to build a home practice because practicing this number of days a week along with teacher training every week it is not possible. 

Then there are always fun workshops, volunteer healing clinics and hospice patients, and if I participate in those events I am not focusing on the job that provides me with my livelihood, that of being a middle school guidance counselor.  Let me add that I have two beautiful children that need me more than anyone else.  As a result I have modified my yoga practice outside of the home, said no to taking on any new hospice assignments and I’m in a huge transitional period.  The transition is learning to say “no.”  This has been such a big problem for me in the past that a good friend of mine made a t-shirt for me that says “No” on the front of it.  I believe that it is a real fault to be a “yes” person because it is felt in the body in the form of headaches,  and all over body aches due to physical and mental exhaustion. 

The fighting against what you want to do and what you think you “should” do is a powerful struggle that is absorbed by the body.  For me this fight is released through yoga, therefore building a home practice is paramount during my transition.  In any event, I have still said yes to commitments that I know did not truly resonate with my heart. 

Prior to the start of my training my wonderful Reiki Master Teacher, Joy, advised me to start amending my schedule, cutting things out until after July, and being gentle with myself.  One month into my journey and I am realizing the importance of this advice.  Here is a valuable quote having to do with this subject by Kiva Leatherman from her site, the Wise Women Network:

 We are conditioned as women from a very young age to be people pleasers. Most of us were taught that the needs of others were far more important than our own desires and that self-sacrificing behavior made us “good girls.” And so, we say “yes” to just about everything and everyone, except our own selves.

And so at the end of a day – we’ve been BUSY. And we feel spent and drained because our busy came from fulfilling the needs of others. To a certain extent, this is unavoidable. We have responsibilities and children to attend to which cannot be ignored. The problem comes into play when we accept responsibility for things that are not our responsibility. When we enable others by taking care of “it” for them, or take on a project, not because our heart tells us to, but because we are looking for recognition and/or validation.

Kreativ Blogger Award!

 Thank you to Christine, writer of  Check out her inspirational blog!  I feel honored and full of gratitude that my writing has been meaningful enough to acknowledge and I am thrilled to gain the opportunity to nominate six more bloggers with this achievement.

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Ten things that readers do not know about me:

1.  I am a green belt in Thai kickboxing.  My training in kickboxing gave me the confidence to stick up for myself both mentally and physically.  Unfortunately the training was intense and my knees suffered.  Yoga has helped restore my connective tissues and continues my elevation in mind, body and spirit so much so that I am now training to become a 200 hour registered yoga alliance certified teacher.

2.  Got married in Jamaica to my soul mate.

3.  My new fave is a chakra balancing cream from Molly’s Apothecary in Medway, Ma.  It contains essential oils of ylang ylang, sandalwood, sweet orange, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, sage, patchouli and rose.

4.  Haven’t gone skiing in seven years but I love the sport and miss it.

5.  We love Portuguese food, my husband and I.  We have many friends who are of Portuguese descent and I have visited the country.  I love frequenting local authentic Portuguese restaurants especially in Fall River, Ma.

6.  I’ve experienced trauma and a broken heart but I’m better for it!

7.  I am a reformed shopaholic, thanks to energy work mainly acupuncture I’ve gotten over it.

8.  I am obsessed with leopard print so much so that I have a leopard paw print tattoo.

9.  My sister is a part of me and my biggest fan.

10.  I have two little boys that give me endless love, motivation and joy for all of life.

Passing on this nomination to the following bloggers who have recently inspired me:

In 2012 I will…

700243.jpga card from

Move the Suffering

Pinned Image“That’s when you really need to just do it…You’ll feel better after going…Oh that’s the best medicine, you’ll feel such a release”  These are the tapes that play when contemplating blowing off a yoga practice because I feel like parking myself with a book and a glass of wine instead.  The therapy that lies in a good practice, with a marvelous community, led by an inspirational woman goes far beyond breath and stretch.  I forced myself out of the door this evening knowing at the last minute that had I chosen to stay home, my sleep would have been affected as well as my waking moments stiff and sore come tomorrow.  It is important to know what our bodies and minds need but there are definitely times, I admit, what we do need is the couch, wine, tea, snacks!  I will leave readers with a wonderful excerpt from, A Year of Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater, PH. D., P.T.

Yoga practice allows the pain that is already in us to be experienced.  Living your yoga:  When you practice your poses today, do not think of the gentle discomfort you feel as a problem.  Remember that the tightness in your muscles is just your suffering trying to get out.

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