Clearing the Heart…

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After writing this poem that is in reference to releasing the ego, I found this wonderful depiction of ego defined which puts things in perspective when sending the ego packing.  This chart can be found on the following pinterest site:    Now here is my poem:

Clearing the Heart

The ego washes downstream

false notions release

opening space to connection




a clearing of the heart

loosens perceived inadequacies

taming the ego unearthing compassion

bearing witness to

the genuine self

then joy develops

happiness unravels



  1. Hi, liked your poem. I teach the creative writing process and would like to share your poem with my students this Monday night. Is that permissible? Good luck in all you do, esther bradley-detally

    • ann

      Of course, please do share, I’m honored. Thank you for the willingness to pass along my words!

    • ann

      Thank you, yes please share my poem!! Blessings, Ann

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. I liked your words Ann

  3. Really well done! I love the combination of your words and the art.

  4. Your words washed through my heart like a gentle waterfall. Keep up the great work/connection!

    • ann

      Thank you Heather,
      I feel such happiness that my words brought great feeling to you! Thank you for reading and sharing.

  5. Nice…fantastic! Love it, especially the words used!


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