Women and Community

picture found on http://innergworks.org/2012/01/24/reikienergy-healing-circle/

I have discovered something truly nourishing to my soul, women are awesome!  When women decide to hold each other up and build communities of like minds the resulting bonds, connections help us practice positivity through kindness, gratitude, and a sense of safety.  Women that are willing to help build happiness which is infectious.  I have enjoyed the decision to drop much of my competitive attitude with women in daily endeavours.  This has helped me engage in more active listening and understanding the stories of other women.

My discovery of the beauty of circles of women began about eleven years ago when a group of women in my area that included acquaintances and my best friend from childhood decided to form a network called, “Fancy Date Night”.  We decided, all without boyfriends, that we would go out date night, all dressed up, and enjoy new restaurants sharing whatever was going on with us.  Now many of us have found partners, given birth, experienced traumas including death and divorce yet continue to commune with one another.

It is not possible for me to avoid women that will approach relationships with a sense of competition and a bit of ill will however it does help not to engage in this vibration.  What brings me through dealings with such women is my vibration and the knowing that I have communities of women outside of my main workplace that are incredibly supportive. 

The latest group that I know will be everlasting is a group of women that I have begun my yoga teacher training with.  Last week we participated in a candle gazing meditation holding hands and filling up with gratitude at the conclusion of practice.  I left class knowing that this network of learners would become a community of supportive yoga practitioners and teachers that I will raise up and support in return.  We are in this life together!  When realizing that it is together that we will celebrate, and not in solitude, community reigns!



  1. It’s great to come to that realization earlier rather than later in life. I have found my life enriched by my females friendships and consider them my extended family / support system. As I mentioned in my “about me” I sometimes think I relate better to mean (at least in my working world which is about 80% male, still) but I wouldn’t give up my membership in the sisterhood for anything.

  2. hooray for you and all women! I love men too, but women are special. I had 2 sisters.

  3. Women are so much stronger than men! We have to handle tougher situations than man and we have the wonderful ability to release sadness and other emotions by crying which is a great help to get back on our feet! It’s always great to be around female friends, I just feel so relaxed and free!!:-)

  4. So true…so beautiful…hard to find women like this sometimes, but so very worth their weight in gold when you do!! ❤

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