Defying “Generation Me” with Gratitude!

Today I saw the friend who gifted me this weeping yogi.  This person is young, in her early twenties and has admirable qualities.  She possesses gratitude, something admirable for such a young woman to master in our society and for someone who is in the so-called, “Generation Me”.  Her actions defy the definition that society has placed on her generation.  After all, we are individuals, all of us, and placed in categories, compartmentalized and labelled so easily.  Hooray to all who do not fit a mold and stand apart from the rest for showing true gratitude!


  1. Gratitude is a gift we all have the ability to give away every day, like a smile, it costs nothing, but has much value.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Ant :c)

  2. I am glad I came across your blog today. Love your thoughts.

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