Positively Charge Your Home and Everything In it It!

Created by Joy

This is a picture of a beautiful bowl meant to display crystals or for burning herbs such as sage during ceremony.  This unique piece was created by my Reiki Master Teacher, Joy.  Joy uses gifts from Mother Earth to adorn her creations, including crystals, shells and sea glass.

I have always loved rituals marking the beginning and end of important life circumstances with a ceremony that has intention and purpose.  Ritual to me is highly connected to the spirit world increasing the connectedness I feel to my belief system and faith.  Cleaning my house with a vacuum and dust mop is not enough any longer now that I have introduced ritual into my life outside of the “house of worship”, when I put the clutter away and physically clean it is then followed by a ceremony of burning sage.  Just setting the intention of sending negativity packing and inviting positivity in encourages beautiful celebration to take place within the four walls of my home.  Travelling about the house with my smudge bowl experiencing a walking meditation reminds me of how sacred a place one’s home really is.  Where we sleep, eat, wake and love needs to be an atmosphere inviting all things positive encouraging a life of gifts.

There are many instances in life where it is necessary to, “clear the air” and conduct rituals to charge the atmosphere around us with positive energy.  My favorite ritual has been around for thousands of years originating with Native Americans burning sacred plants to drive away negativity and restore balance, what a meaningful way to begin to set positive intention!  This powerful practice of smudging and blessing is available to all people wanting to manifest goodness.  Burning herbs allows smoke to ascend to the spirit world thereby connecting us to that realm and it is used worldwide among the Eastern and Western world.  Priests have long practiced ritual with incense and oils to bless the sick and consecrate altars, candles, and signify important sacraments of faith.  I believe that when bringing in influences from all traditions and backgrounds we honor what it means to be a spiritual being on a human journey!

I love walking into a place where I know ritual, ceremony and blessing has occurred.  This reminds me that I am safe, loved and very welcome. 


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