Prayerful Presence Replaces Worry

The cause of most stress and worry lies in thoughts of the past or fretting about the future. The past is gone, not forgotten but tucked away, when our minds choose to tear out thoughts of the past our bodies relive the sensations that were already felt in the past. In this practice of recycling emotions we choose not to be gentle with ourselves. The past events cannot be changed, our perceptions of these experiences can be changed however reaching into our vault of sorrow and pain does not serve us in the present time. 

“Being present” is such a meaningful practice that my favorite yoga teachers remind me of weekly.  Just today I was reminded, while in a “rag doll” pose that presence is what keeps most of us out of anxiety.  I like being reminded of such simple lessons while dropping my head, the act of dropping my head usually with eyes closed helps me to envision worries recently lodged in my brain from events occurring in my past week.  While envisioning these worries with my head dropped I picture the worries as objects dropping out of my brain.  Why do I do this?  My past does not serve me when I allow it to cripple my consciousness in the present, furthermore, how will my future improve if I allow my past to dictate the person I am.  Growth and necessary change is inhibited when the energy is wasted in thoughts of the past. 

It is a fairly recent practice for me to remind myself not to allow my thoughts to time travel.  Time travelling is an escape that is not always crippling but is when brought to incidences that ignites stressful activity in the body.  There are those that have allowed past trauma to define who they are letting a “tough life lived” storyline serve as an excuse not to change and be mindful about the present.

The environment we live in and experience will sometimes knock on the doors of time bringing experiences and people around that remind us of the past.  Being less reactive to these incidents will help loosen the energy attached to past experiences.

“Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.” I Peter 5:7



  1. Yeah, I like your thoughts that energy is wasted on worrying about stuff and on not letting go of the past.

  2. I like the quote from I Peter 5:7
    I believe in it that positive thought can replace worry.
    Do you drop your head while in a rag doll pose?
    Is this some kind of meditation?

    • ann

      Dear Auntyuta,
      The ragdoll pose is a standing yoga pose a “mountain pose” forward bend at the hip creases. With your heels together and toes apart bend at the hips creases putting weight in the ball of your foot. Shake your hands connecting the muschles in the back and shoulders swinging arms like a rag doll. The idea is that you visualize, much like in a guided meditation, that the tension held in your body is energetically released in this pose with the help of pranayama, breath, as well! Thank you for this question. I love helping others understand what I enjoy so much about life. Blessings to you my new blog friend! Ann

  3. Hi, Ann! I thank you so much for your answer. I have very limited knowledge about yoga. I am 77 and started recently some Thai yoga classes for beginners. These classes help with balance, breathing and meditation. I find them very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing what you enjoy so much about life. Best wishes, Uta

    • ann

      Dear Auntyuta,
      Thank you so much for reading my blog Auntyuta! Enjoy your yoga, it is such a meaningful practice– please share with me your findings and feel free to inquire as yoga is my passion!
      Love and Light,

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I have enjoyed your blog and believe you deserve this recognition! Blessings, Ann

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