Emotional Intelligence Discussions

I am having a great time in a discussion group entitled “The Emotional Intelligence Group” through “LinkedIn” Here are two discussions that I’ve started and rich comment that followed thereafter, if you have commentary please comment after reading these topics on keeping yourself humble and embracing experiences encountered in your life as learning lessons! Thank you and blessings, light and peace during this season
How does keeping yourself humble and open help you to be used as an instrument for good in the world?
Responses: “For me humility is being “teachable” and “open” to other ideas and ways of doing things. There is always more to learn and being “humble” is a great way to soak in the new information. Being humble means you are a good listener!! “
“Man is an instrument of success or failure depending on how one uses one’s intrinsic or inner qualities or gifts.Humility/sobriety is a virtue.To be open is to be free,to allow the inflow of Good and Truth to take the better part of you.At that point in time, you will manifest Nothing but Good/Truth because ” As a persons thinks he/she is so is he/she”.QED. Ben Akafia Lt-Gen.-Ghana.
How do you embrace experiences encountered in your life as learning lessons rather than hardships? I believe that if we let go of our “storylines” this is done with ease rather than struggle.
Response:”Ann, I love your point on letting go of our storylines. I think as related to hardship, it meshes very nicely with the concept of attachment to suffering”


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  1. Ann, thank you for liking my posts. I really enjoy yours as well. Have a Glorious Holiday Season!

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