Reflections on My Personal Revolution

This upcoming year I will turn 40, as a reward for this accomplishment I decided to participate in a breakthrough program which promised to radically change my body and awaken the sacred within my soul.  As a matter of fact I believe that my revolution began before my participation in the formal 40 day revolution with fabulous facilitator Jane.  The process of transformation began with a class I took for fun on Reiki, thinking it might be something that could bring my stress levels down a notch. I met Joy, who would become my mentor and “Reiki Mother.” What I discovered was beyond belief, a passion for healing those in need of serious comfort, thus my idea to call my website and blog, “channelcomfort.” 

Furthermore, my brother-in-law had just died, the compassion that was shown to him and my sister’s family was moving.  I spoke to hospice workers during my beloved brother-in-law’s last days, hoping that they could help my family with coping.  Hospice offered support and immediate response, I decided after becoming Reiki II attuned and eventually receiving master attunements that I would like to offer help to patients and families enrolled in Hospice Care.  This was the beginning of my transformation. 

Another facet leading up to my 40 day participation, the pinnacle of my transformation includes my beautiful acupuncturist who healed my insomnia and constant worry over my sister who was newly widowed and a single mother of two children.  My acupuncturist referred me to the yoga studio that I found much healing, and eventually completed the 40 Day Revolution at.  Also, my acupuncturist has helped to open my heart to many options for healing mind, body, and spirit.  She helped to bring forth the realization within myself that I have the power to heal myself through such simple functions as breath and intention.

Back to my 40 Day Reflection.  I was a member of about 10 participants in the program, some acquaintances, some friends and others I had just met for the first time.  I can say with confidence that all participants are now very good friends of mine that are like minded.  I love the sense of community we built through shared experiences of meditation, yoga, diet and journaling.  The journaling in particular helped me to identify things such as my ten tapes, the beliefs that I carry about myself and continue to play in mind– these tapes that I have repeated to myself were unkind and I would never want to be my friend if I treated others the way I treat myself!  I can proudly say that I no longer strive to be a “people pleaser” I no longer blame myself for the insecurities of others or their unkindness, I definitely do not consider myself a “weakling” or a “dumbo” and never will after the completion of this program. 

As a result of this transformation I have recognized that I vibrate at a high level, those that are judgmental do not reach my energy field any longer, I am no longer affected or sensitive by others reactions.  I practice equanimity on a daily basis with not reacting as much as I previously did.  My confidence in my yoga capabilities grew dramatically especially after experiencing the fruit fest portion of the program, 3 days of only eating fruits caused me to pop into wheel numerous times when I could only hold it for one breath in the past!  I even held crow pose on a few occasions!    I enjoyed this experience so much that I do a fruit fest once a week now and incorporated a week long fast before Thanksgiving this year!

In conclusion, I cannot say enough complimentary things about the facilitator of the program, Jane who carries all of the aspects of what the program promises, especially being true to oneself, removing the rocks, and most of all, dropping what you know!  Thank you to all of my wonderful 40 day friends and I am so grateful for a place to practice where the ideals and laws of transformation are always at the forefront!!



  1. Hi Ann. I really enjoyed reading your post. I feel we share the same spiritual and restorative principles. Your experiences with aculpuncture, yoga and meditation as a means of self-realization and healing mirror my own. Thank you for liking my recent post. I hope you will subscribe to my blog so we can keep in touch.

  2. Congratulations Ann on a wonderful journey. I enjoyed reading your triumph over stress and I appreciate you liking my blog on inspirational quotes. I too struggled with stress at high levels & now I find comfort in helping others lower damaging side effects of stress using a mindful technique & I use a quick journaling technique to stay focused on my goals. I turned 40 last week & I am so proud of who I have become & how I have helped so many by bringing awareness to the importance of stress management. With gratitude, Kelly ( to stay in touch

    • ann

      Thanks Kelly! I turn 40 in a week!! Happy Birthday to you and me!!! It should be a great year….

  3. what a great post! As a Reiki Master you probably understand, very WELL, “everything for a reason” … I too am approaching 40, I have a daughter named Jayne (close to Jane) and I too practice yoga and have made Reiki a very big part of my life becoming a Reiki Master myself a few years ago. I worked with cancer patients for some time, then children and now have focused more so on animal healing. Reiki is an amazing practice… Continue to enjoy and transform. Blessings and happy 40! – Tara

    • ann

      Dear Tara,
      I’m convinced that us women turning 40 during such a time of high vibration are energetically on to something! Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks Ann! I agree! there’s a wonderful book on Chakras that goes through each year or your life and the certain vibrations and chakras that are more “dominant” – 40 is a big one! Enjoy!

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I have enjoyed your blog and believe you deserve this recognition! Blessings, Ann

  5. ann

    Tara, this is fascinating, if you come across the title of that book please forward that to me!
    Thank you,

  6. Thank you for sharing the avenues you took to re-balance your life and open new paths, this gives food for thought for those who feel lost and tempted to stay stuck in going nowhere fast!

  7. Fruit Fest!!! Never heard that on before. Love it, can’t wait to try it!

    • ann

      I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I’ve enjoyed your blog and believe you are deserving of this recognition! Blessings, Ann
      Check out the rules on my blog:

  8. Ann, I think I know exactly how you feel. Today I completed 4 weeks of meditation (45 minutes daily) and I have noticed such a significant change in my overhealth and wellbeing at so mant different levels. I feel like a more balanced, happy, confident and stress free person quite a contrast to the ever anxious, restless, worried state I had been fighting to get rid of for so long. I suffered from really bad insomnia and immediately after I did my first meditation session, I slept like a baby and have been since then. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • ann

      I want to thank you for recognizing my blog on your site with the Liebster acknowledgement! I will post this to my blog once choosing some great blogs I’ve enjoyed. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and love the reflections that you share, the blog on meditation was particularly interesting– loved the different levels of consciousness you describe.
      Thank you,

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