Sankalpa “Clear and Affirmative”

Sankalpa is a clearly articulated affirmative statement about what you intend to do.  A Sankalpa is stated in the present tense and meant to bring goals into the present tense.  The best part of the Sankalpa is that it assumes that the outcome has already occurred.  I am having the best time with this practice and experienced the fruition of wants and desires along with those of close friends before my very eyes!  The strongest date thus far for my stating intention and thus receiving has been 11/11/11.  What a transformative time this is for all energetic beings and to realize this is truly gratifying. 

Recently my friend’s husband lost his job and he got busy immediately searching for a new position.  A very positive person and confident by nature, the universe brought to him what he attracted, an interview for an ideal position.  I decided, along with this great friend, that her husband already had the position, the interview, just a formality was somewhat laughable.  Needless to say, the job was his!  Paulo Coelho says it best in his book, “The Alchemist,”  “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”  This reflection is about the power of positive thinking.  I’ve referred to Louise Hay and how she believes we have the power to heal, the Sankalpa is the same, when we have a desire and it is for our highest good, it shall be fulfilled.  Oftentimes we are unaware of what our highest good is, we allow outside forces to cloud what our vision and desire is and seek what we believe we should do rather than what is meant to be, the law of allowing is much stronger than that of setting goals.

A wonderful yogi, Baron Baptiste, says that, “really, giving up goals is a high form of faith…when we have fixed goals, we are struggling to force things to turn out a certain way… it means we walk by faith…I believe we all need to discover our potential, not create it.”  Too often we lay out a series of goals for ourselves, even the act of creating “to do” lists get in the way of what needs “to be.”  Those of us that have bought books or read articles entitled such things as, “Where I will be in Five Years” are far too involved in fate and oftentimes we get in the way of the natural occurrences that reap the most beautiful rewards.  Let’s try giving it up to the Lord, and walking in faith just a bit more.  It works for the most lovely people I know reminding me of my favorite prayer of Serenity, “Give me the Strength to Recognize the Things I Cannot Change…”  Finally relying on Sankalpa, stating what we intend for ourselves as though it is reality will manifest what is for our highest good, the moon and stars will align, and if it is for our highest good, that path will be followed and rewards will be plentiful.


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