Twist and Shake, “There Might Be People in There”

One of my favorite yoga instructors said something very powerful recently while I was upside down, twisting and sweating.  While encouraging the class to hold a pose just a bit longer than desired she said, “there might be people in there”.  The scary part was that I knew exactly what she was talking about on this day that I proclaimed, “I am angry”.  I am not an angry person by nature at all but could definitely identify a handful of ancestors/relatives that were quite angry.  These are the “people” I just knew she was talking about!  People that pass emotions and behaviors that we do not like much about ourselves.  It is definitely okay to let these things pass through us without struggle however the work of yoga, meditation and simply breathing helps us to pass these ingrained and icky things that are attached to us much more smoothly.  Just recognizing that we might have people in us is phenomenal and having the courage to say this to a packed yoga studio in Barrington is ridiculously cool!

I believe that “people” show up in us when we are experiencing times of uncertainty and transformation.  If we are unsure of our path and do not feel so comfortable with the direction life is taking it can get quite scary.  My wonderful husband oftentimes will put his hands up to Heaven and tell me to give it up to the Lord.  I love this the most about him because I know that he is essentially talking about letting go of the control we think we have over our lives.  We do not have any control over anything in our lives except our breath and even this is of limited control, everything else we can give up to the Universe to decide.

Pemma Chodron wrote a book about being comfortable with uncertainty, I like this book, such literature is quite profound in that it states common sense ideals that very often we fail to put into practice.  During my last chakra balancing that I experienced with my wonderful Reiki Master Teacher, Joy, I heard the words over and over in my head, “come out of the darkness and see a great light” I have decided that this is a good mantra for me.  It is okay not to know what will be in the future because if we are present and mindful right now and practice equanimity it is preparation for the future and how it will take shape.


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