Hospice Reiki

One of the single most rewarding experiences in my life has been performing reiki on hospice patients.  I started this work during the summer of 2011 and since then experienced the passing of two of my clients.  The passing was a journey in which I truly believe reiki prepared them for.  Both patients had no idea what reiki was, I explained to them that Reiki is grounded in Eastern medicine originating in Japan and is largely used for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.  Life force energy causes us to be alive and flows through us, if the energy is low, then we adopt a state of “dis-ease” and we are capable of happiness and health when our energy is high.  One patient believed I would heal her of lung cancer, I explained to her that it was my belief that reiki would bring her to an acceptance of her condition, relaxation and preparation for whatever is to come.  What followed was nothing short of amazing.

I will call this patient, Tammi, she had lung cancer and welcomed me to her room with a smile, after describing what reiki was she said, “sure, I’ll try anything if it’ll help me sleep”.  While performing reiki and playing music for Tammi she stroked my hands and I felt a release she let go in the form of deep beautiful breath.  Tammi then started peeking and I reassured her that it was okay to close her eyes and simply relax, that this was a time for her and was not about me.  She said,” my stomach was in knots, what are you doing?”  I said I’m simply channeling energy to the areas you told me were bothering you, she said, “well it’s working, is this some kind of religion, I’m Catholic”  I told her, well, I’m Catholic too and I call upon my higher power and spiritual beings to guide me in being a clear channel of reiki energy, it is not a religion and I have no powers.  Tammi then whispered, “you are a beautiful person, your family must love you”.  The truth is Tammi was a beautiful person and I just knew by her room she had experienced much love and gratitude for her being a special soul.

People say, “it must be so hard to practice on people who are dying” I always respond with no remembering the reward of helping another person experience calm during the end of their life.  What better service can we do but to be present to the needs of others when it is so important, at a time of passage?  It I could make this my living I would do it in a heartbeat, the hospice mission states that “with deep compassion and skill, we care for people living with serious illness, those who are dying and all who care for them”.  If my reiki means that I can allow a family member some respite for few hours while practicing on their loved one then my care is not just reaching the patient it is reaching the caretaker and entire family, I say, Alleluia to hospice care, Alleluia, Amen!


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