“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay– this book is life changing!

Louise L. Hay is an internationally renowned author that assures her readers that, “if we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.”  Much of our “dis-ease” is caused by thinking patterns rooted in experiences in the past– even traumatic events that we have allowed to create real, diagnosed illness in our bodies can be healed!    Hay believes that, “what we give out, we get back” this is truly a simple concept that our society has not embraced.  The culture in the United States is such that in order to be successful people must give up hours of their private lives forgoing such things as meditation, yoga, reading and being outdoors.  In my estimation these are the very things that feed us so that we can be more successful.  Anne Deidre, known as The Intuitive Millionaire Coach once said to me that we must do what we love first and then the  money will follow.  If those of us in search of success put what we love on the back burner to achieve success it is counterproductive. 

Furthermore it is necessary to drop the competitive behaviors so popular in our country.  It is seen on our childrens’ soccer and football fields in every suburb.  Parents yelling at their children for not getting that touchdown, dropping the ball or staring off into space.  How is this feeding our kids’ spirits?  There is enough abundance on this earth for all of us to enjoy.  Hay states that, “we are meant to be different.  When we can accept this, then there is not competition and no comparison”.


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