Reiki and the Power of Intention

Change up the story and set an intention then see how positive thought patterns shape life experiences. Reiki has helped me become a positive person in that I now set daily intentions for self-improvement. The symbols of reiki, the lessons taught by our seven main chakras and how energy in our bodies creates ease or “dis-ease” are valuable for people of all walks of life hoping to attract positive health and experiences in life. Prior to a reiki session the practitioner will often ask if the client has an intention. Working to dissolve others negative energies improves the level that the practitioner is vibrating at as well. A shift in thought patterns often occurs.

Why is it that when it rains it pours? Because we expect it to, it is an intention that is set after a series or even one unfortunate incident in life helps us to decide that, nothing goes my way or it’s just my luck. These inner mantras turn into tapes and now we have labelled ourselves as victims! The victim tape can completely dismantle and prevent our ability to develop a strong sense of confidence and faith in our world.

The lesson of reiki for me is that the power of intention and the ability to allow positive energy to flow through my body to beings and nature creates the harmony so desired by all. Such feelings as competition work to squash the energy of reiki clouding the reality that there is enough abundance on this earth for all of us to share in. If we could surround ourselves with people who vibrate at high levels it would truly prove transformational for those leaning on a story. We begin to adopt and acquire ways of seeing the lesson in all life experiences when we decide to quit the chatter and gossip making room for the knowledge and energy so willing to flow in and out of us as energetic beings. Sometimes this means the loss of relationships that no longer serve us and were never strong anyway.

When we make room for positive intention it is amazing how little effort it takes to attract awesome experiences that feed our souls bringing amazing people into our lives. Reiki has done this for me. Since my first class with Joy, and what a joy my life with Joy has been, my life has become promising and filled with color. The universe now has brought so many experiences to grow and meet others with the same hunger. And Joy, Joy is joy and everyone touched by her soul is so fortunate and forever changed. My yoga practice has turned into something it has never been, reiki shares I await, volunteering for hospice patients in need of reiki energy and all of my relationships have taken on new meaning.


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